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Tropic Engineering & Shaft Laser Alignments is a locally owned business. Tropic Engineering was established in the 1991 as a small one man business. In 2000 we formed a company and today we have a staff of nine. The bulk of our business is in the marine industry, mostly fishing trawlers, but over the last few years we have diversified into super yachts, game boats, domestic engineering and art work as well. Tropic Engineering is also an agent for Isoflex mounts and couplings.

Specialising in:

  • Motor, gearbox and exhaust installations
  • Stainless steel and aluminum welding and fabrication of handrails, prawn hoppers, conveyors systems, and much more…
  • Lathe and plasma cutting
  • CNC rouder, CNC lathe
  • Shaft laser aligning equipment
  • Stainless steel art work

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Engineeering – Laser Alignment – Fabrication & Artwork – Steel Welding – Super Yachts